23 March 2017

Hockey club Oranje Rood now has a characteristic clubhouse. From a distance, the cool-looking triangular building with huge canopy looks like a sleek modern concrete pavilion. Taking a closer look, it is clear that the outside mainly consists of WaxedWood (pine) with a light grey finish.

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Briefly back to De Ploeg

20 March 2017

Two months after Bruns had moved into the old weaving mill De Ploeg, the company opened to the public on Saturday.

Proud. This is the feeling of many former employees on Saturday morning when they entered the building where they had worked for so many years. Proud of the weaving mill, but certainly also of the renovated building- by diederendirrix and Atelier van Asseldonk – and its new owner. “We used to make an extremely high-quality product here. And this is again the case. Bruns made very special things, it actually matches well”, Jan Verhoeven, former salesman at De Ploeg, says. The surrounding park will also continue to be planted and finished in the coming months. It will be finished exactly in time in the year of the centenary of art movement De Stijl, to which Rietveld and Ruys belonged.

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Vacant Marconi Tower converted into housing

28 November 2016

Contractor City Pads announced this morning that the middle of three Marconi Towers in Rotterdam-West is converted into a residential tower, designed by diederendirrix. It will contain 420 rental properties, apartments measuring 60 square metres, for example intended for expats or starters on the housing market. In the building will also be a caretaker present, ‘the James’. “James is comparable to a butler service or to the porter of a hotel.” The transformation will be finished by the middle of 2018. The second vacant Marconi Tower will possibly also be bought and transformed. This decision will be made within a few days, according to the developer.

The Rotterdam
Two of the three Marconi Towers have been vacant since 2014, when the council moved its services to the building The Rotterdam on the Kop van Zuid. This freed up some 60,000 square metres on the Marconiplein. One of the three towers was already renamed the Rotterdam Science Tower, which accommodates companies in the medical field. This building remains an office building.

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Photo Jan Sluijter

Vote for Lighting for the Reynaers Projectprijs 2016!

23 November 2016

This year, the former Philips Lighting office in the centre of Eindhoven was transformed into 616 short stay lofts and penthouses. It was designed by Diederendirrix. Travertine façade planes and gold-coloured aluminium window frames create a luxurious effect. The deep apartments are bathed in natural light because of the floor-to-ceiling windows. The middle part of the three-piece windows can slide down all the way. This way, each apartment has an original version of a French balcony.

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De Ploeg nominated for the Brabantse Kempentrofee 2016

10 November 2016

Restoration Ploeg & Park Bergeijk – Bruns has been nominated for the Brabantse Kempentrofee 2016 [an incentive prize for companies, organizations and persons to stimulate innovation and collaboration in the Kempen region]. As one of the strong local Bergeijk – yet internationally operating – businesses, company Bruns has taken on the restoration and repurposing of listed building De Ploeg and the Park. This requires ‘guts’, ‘craziness’ and a ‘local heart’. Entrepreneurship, in combination with strong local ties and an approach typical of the Kempen region, has led to a unique restoration process of the extremely important listed building, from planning to realisation. All parties from government and market that are involved in this process appreciate the way of collaboration.

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Architects meet Architects

9 November 2016

Join us at Architects meet Architects on 15 November! An inspiring afternoon specifically for architects who want to be inspired by the unprecedented opportunities of aluminium detailing in design. In addition, attention will be paid to the 10th anniversary of magazine Aluminium In Praktijk.

Joost Roefs of Diederendirrix Architecture & Urban Development will conduct a lecture on, among other things, aesthetic aluminium applications in renovations and new developments.

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Zuidas Architecture

7 November 2016

Amidst all the tower blocks and skyscrapers in Zuidas, OpZuid is refreshingly different. The small-scale complex with a handful of homes has an unusual, almost foreign flavour.

Green oasis
Situated between Gershwinlaan and De Boelelaan, OpZuid is an expansive green oasis amidst the urban grid of Amsterdam’s financial district. The two symmetrical blocks enclose a green courtyard garden, their terraced design opening out to the sun and to the Boelegracht running alongside. Connecting the two buildings are several extended balconies that interrupt the formal exterior shell of the north façade. The courtyard garden is a world unto itself. All the trees here are maples, while the planting of small shrubs beneath spans hues ranging from white to light yellow.

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Makeover started for TD building Eindhoven

3 November 2016

Since the beginning of this week there have been two large cranes at the TD [Technical Services] building in Eindhoven. The façade is stripped to make room for new balconies. The ash-grey plates on the outside of the TD building make way for lighter, wavy balconies. This transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan will take shape in the next six months. Demolition company Heezen started this noticeable work this week. Two large cranes will help this process over the coming months.

Rental apartments
About 160 high-end rental apartments of varying sizes will be built in the former Technical Service’s office building. Foolen & Reijs Vastgoed won the Amvest commission and bought the premises for 7 million euro from the city of Eindhoven. The ground floor will feature some facilities for both residents and visitors of the park: food and drink establishments with a terrace, a gym and physiotherapy.

The plan of architect firm diederendirrix has now been approved by the Environmental Quality commission. At the request of the city of Eindhoven and the neighbourhood, a fourth wing (in which also a supermarket was planned) to expand the premises will not be built, nor will there be more floors to elevate the building. Only the 10 metre high structure will be replaced by one floor of penthouses three metres high.

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Impressive industrial heritage

27 October 2016

Philips’ old factory buildings are characteristic of Eindhoven’s Strijp district. In the 1920s, the factory’s first major expansion was built in this district, which is located just outside the city centre. Building Anton was part of the expansion and together with three other impressive buildings in the same row it constituted a factory street where radios were manufactured. The buildings were connected by footbridges, so that the radio parts could be moved internally from building to building. This extremely introvert industrial enclave has slowly changed into an open, lively district in recent years.

Sensitive approach

The repurposing of Building Anton requires a sensitive approach. The characteristic, white factory building is part of the city’s genesis and is a listed building. For a while, the premises were used as a Philips office after the manufacturing of radios ceased at this location. In the 1980s it was provisionally patched up. Some ten years later the company withdrew from Strijp. The building had been empty for years when diederendirrix architecture & urban development started the project – to breathe new life into the building – in 2009.

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diederendirrix excursion

19 October 2016

The annual diederendirrix excursion 2016 went via Hostel Wadi Kasterlee, the Freinetschool Lille and the Abdij van Averbode to Antwerp. In Antwerp Team Stadsbouwmeester gave us an explanation on the urban development of the city, we also had a guided tour through ‘t Groen Kwartier.

On Saturday we visited Gate15, the ‘House of the Student’ and nursery (and dwellings) the Koekendoos. We gained a lot of inspiration! The photo is taken on the bridge which connects Park Spoor Noord with ‘t Eilandje.

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