Construction at Strijp-S Eindhoven continues with Block 59

2 May 2016

Construction of the second floor of Blocks 61 and 63 along the tracks at Strijp-S in Eindhoven has just begun. However, there is such great interest in these dwellings that developer SDK Real Estate (Stam en de Koning) continues while at it. The daughter company of Volker Wessels hopes to begin the construction of Block 59 – between the blocks under construction and the parking garage on the Philitelaan – around the construction industry summer holidays. The details are still being discussed with the Design & Monuments Advisory Committee of the Eindhoven planning authority, which must approve the design of Timo Keulen (diederendirrix). Thereafter, the license can be granted.

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diederendirrix opens office in Rotterdam

20 April 2016

In April 2016, diederendirrix architecture and urban design opens a second office in Rotterdam. Setting up the new office is a natural step owing to the firm’s growth and the increasing number of projects in the western part of the country.

Investing in the organisation is important in order to properly respond to the growing market and the changing needs of commercial parties and governments. diederendirrix has grown strongly in recent years and has a solid economic foundation. This offers opportunities to invest in a stable future for the company. For diederendirrix, the second location is a base for developing new activities and to broaden the firm’s portfolio.

“In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of projects. To reinforce this upward trend, we now choose to open a second office in Rotterdam. We consider this a great opportunity to not only add fresh energy and dynamism to our firm, but to also go more into depth with themes that are important to us.“
Bert Dirrix (architect / partner)

 “The metropolitan region of Rotterdam-The Hague will face some challenging tasks in the coming years. Given our experience in transforming existing buildings and former industrial areas, our knowledge of social property and our broad portfolio of house-building, we see plenty of opportunities to contribute to the sustainable development of Rotterdam and the region.“
Paul Diederen (architect / partner)

Tomas Dirrix and Theo Hauben manage the new office in Rotterdam. The focus is on research and development within the firm’s main themes, such as transformation, housing and education. The office is located in the renovated Shell Tower on the Hofplein in the heart of Rotterdam, near Central Station. You are more than welcome to visit us. Please call Tomas (+31 628 747450), Theo (+31 624 546811) or the main number to make an appointment.

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Business club members of Oranje-Rood visit new clubhouse

14 April 2016

Today, architect Paul Diederen gave the members of Business Club Oranje-Rood a tour of their new clubhouse. The construction of the clubhouse will be completed in June 2016.

The triangular building with rounded corners is located on an open spot between the hockey fields and accommodates a canteen and changing rooms. The large canopy made of laminated wooden joists in a triangular grid is striking. The structure extends from the outside into the inside and creates a special interior.

Inside and outside as one

12 April 2016

In Eindhoven everyone actually agreed:  the vacant former Philips Lighting office on the Mathildelaan – built in 1973 – was an ugly building. With a redecoration and new champagne-colored aluminum window frames diederendirrix managed to transform it into a treasure for the city. How do you transform a giant of an office building of 40,000 square meters, surrounded by parking lots and freestanding buildings, into a vital part of town with 616 lofts? “First we completely stripped the building,” architect Paul Diederen of diederendirrix architects says. Commissioned by Foolen & Reijs Real Estate, the Eindhoven-based architect firm transformed the office into a residential building for single households, young starters or expatriates.

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IKC Zalmplaat opened by Klokhuis presenter

12 April 2016

The brand-new Integrated Child Centre (IKC) Zalmplaat was already put into use on 29 February last, but the official opening took place on 22 March. Maurice Lede, presenter of children’s television program Het Klokhuis, told the children about his work. The ‘official’ opening took place between 11:30 and 12:00. The winners of the competition ‘design a new logo for the school’ unveiled the new logo. And balloons were sent up.

The municipality of Rotterdam and Dura Vermeer signed the contract for the construction of the new Zalmplaat School in November 2014. Construction started in June 2015 and the school was put into use in February 2016.

Diederendirrix transforms TD building Eindhoven

5 April 2016

diederendirrix will transform the Technical Services (TD) building in Eindhoven into a residential building. The firm, together with developer Foolen&Reijs, was selected after a three-year tender. About two hundred apartments will be constructed in the building of 15,000 square meters.

According to the plan of Foolen & Reijs and diederendirrix, the TD building will be stripped to its carcass and then equipped with slanting balconies all round. The plinth will feature a supermarket, sauna and gym (the exact details have yet to be determined). There will also be a roof terrace with city views and possibly a vegetable garden.

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