The VDMA site (Van der Meulen-Ansems site) in the center of Eindhoven consists of a collection of industrial heritage and a large open car parking area. Commissioned by Being Development en onder leiding van OMA hebben diederendirrix, FABRICations, NUL ZES, DELVA Landscape Architecture/ Urbanism, DGMR, IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Techniplan Adviseurs, Rebel, Fakton en De Meeuw/ VDL we have made a plan for around 75,000 square meters of new program. We transform the existing buildings, we realize a number of new buildings and we add a piece of forest to the city. Diederendirrix will in particular (re-)design the transformation of the existing buildings.

The industrial heritage on the VDMA site includes a match factory from the 19th century and the city’s first parking garage from 1920. Both expressly represent the history of the city: Eindhoven as a city of light and as a modern city. The Zusterflat on the Vestdijk is an icon from the reconstruction period of Eindhoven. Due to its design the building gives the Vestdijk a metropolitan allure of a allee, as characteristic of post-war developments. The existing real estate on the VDMA site has the potential to once again become an important hub for innovation.

Historically significant structures will be transformed into cultural spaces, while new buildings for residential and office usage will be created. The existing match factory—one of the most important buildings on site—will be restored to its original state to house cultural, education, and retail programs. The garage will be transformed into a flexible public space that can be configured for exhibitions, events and theatre performances.


The VDMA masterplan proposes transformation of the site into a mixed-use area that will address local housing needs, accommodate leading technology companies and introduce exciting public spaces. The revitalised VDMA will feature a Brainport Frontdesk supporting creative initiatives, a sustainability hub, and a Micro Forest.

The Micro Forest comprised of different vegetation species from Eindhoven’s natural surroundings and occupying one-third of the site. The urban forest will be a reminder for residents, office users, and passers-by of the city’s invaluable natural resources. A one to five-storey volume around the Micro Forest will offer co-working spaces ideal for technological start-ups.


In response to the Municipality of Eindhoven’s vision to create a distinctive city identity through densification with high-rises, new residential buildings at VDMA have been designed as multi-storey structures of stacked volumes that correspond to varying scales of the site’s surroundings. The lower blocks will have glass facades that evoke Eindhoven’s industrial architecture. Facades of the upper volumes will be installed with sustainable features, including green walls, and kinetic PV panels that optimise solar gain throughout the day.

Building on the history and assets of Eindhoven as a centre for technological innovation and industrial design, the revitalised VDMA will be home for the most innovative ideas in technology and culture in Eindhoven and beyond.


Project details

  • Start date
  • February 2018
  • End date
  • In development
  • Client
  • Being Development
  • Dimensions
  • 75.000 m2
  • Project partner(s)
  • OMAFABRICationsDELVA landscape architects
  • Photography
  • Visualization
  • ProloogOMADELVA landscape architects
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