Make it anew

The power of the past for the future

The city’s future already exists. Continuous replacement of buildings does not provide a better city; buildings are not disposable products. We seek meaning in the existing context. The power of the existing context is the basis for the story of the future. Each existing building is unique and with that also the approach to its transformation.


An extension, extra floor or connector rearranges the existing context and creates space for a new story. The layers of time are often easily readable, but an addition is only successful when it forms a new and natural entity together with the existing context.


The prominent shell remains intact as much as possible, while the interior is adapted to the new function. This can be done radically, but sometimes even small interventions have a big impact.


A total makeover changes the building in appearance, shape or structure. Key is not the historical relevance, but the spatial potential of the supporting structure, which is often the only element we conserve.

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