Queen Máxima opens the new Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen of diederendirrix architecture and urban planning

22 May 2023

On Tuesday 16 May, Queen Máxima opened the new Van Gogh Village Museum. This happened in the presence of several hundred guests. Director Simone van der Heiden proudly showed the Queen the new museum in the center of Nuenen.

Van Gogh Village Museum highlights the painter’s personal and artistic development that led to his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters. Queen Máxima also visited Vincent’s Light Lab, which focuses on the effect of color and light. At the end of her visit, the Queen, together with the director and 200 volunteers, posed in front of the new museum (photo: Bart Verkuijlen)

Diederendirrix has been working on the renovation of the museum since 2019. We realized the building in close cooperation with Banbouw. The design is a contemporary longitudinal farmhouse as a reference to a farm that stood at this spot in the 19th century. Design agency Van Eijk & van der Lubbe designed the central reception area, including the coffee corner and shop. Tinker Imagineers designed the exhibitions and Bruns produced the exhibition materials.

The renovation and expansion of the museum has been realized thanks to grants from, among others, the province of North Brabant and contributions from funds and certificate holders.