Smart buildings are not just an expense, but an asset

We do not want to burden a city with buildings that are constructed with an obsolete energy system, outdated building technology, rigid architecture or ill-considered urban development integration. We create buildings which have value for the long term and which have the ability to transform (again). Sustainability is no annoying expense. On the contrary, we can save costs by designing well and smartly.

Flexibility as an advance on the future

When we design a building, we also think about possible future usage. We create buildings that can be used in a multifunctional way in the short and long run. The basic structure is of lasting quality, but our buildings are not neutral, or two a penny. We create buildings with character, so that they remain valuable and relevant.

Knowledge and tools

We have the knowledge to create energy-efficient buildings using environmentally-friendly materials that are easy to maintain. We strive for a low-tech approach: a clever spatial design is the starting point. Applications such as GPR and BREEAM are used as design tools, so that we coherently can assess the health, energy and user quality performance early in the design process.

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Rob Meurders

Creative director/ Partner

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