We opt for quality

Michiel de Bruine

Bouwinvest is an asset manager and invests in real estate for institutional investors, primarily pension funds. Michiel de Bruine, together with his team, searches for housing projects mainly in the Holland Metropole Region, the five major cities in the Netherlands and the surrounding areas. They lease these residential properties in the mid-range and private sector segment. Within this framework Picuskade and De Gebroeders in Eindhoven and the KVL site in Oisterwijk fit perfectly.

Satisfying the tenant

Is it a coincidence that Bouwinvest has several designs by diederendirrix in its portfolio? “Probably not”, answers De Bruine. “We look after the interests of our shareholders. As a consequence we opt for quality for the property and the location. In other words, the accessibility of the location, the connection with the city, the image of the project and the blending with the surrounding area. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of the tenants, so that properties can be leased for a minimum of twenty to thirty years. Diederendirrix has the same approach. They are not only concerned with the external appearance. We look for partners with a similar, long-term perspective and that’s diederendirrix, as architects.”


It is a great advantage if a plan precisely matches the requirements of the investor and in doing so the future tenant. De Bruine explains this: “Quality, affordability and sustainability are essential for the Residential Fund. These residential properties are preferably a minimum of fifty square metres, or even a little larger. We check to see if the floor plans are logical, the materialisation sustainable and the design appealing. It’s great if you have an architect who understands this. And who − like us − sees things through the eyes of the tenant.  By working together more frequently you gain a better understanding of each other and become more proficient at creating residential properties that retain their value over the long term.”


Value over the long term

With a keen eye for high quality projects that can be leased for a minimum of twenty to thirty years, De Bruine has no difficulty in explaining what he appreciates about diederendirrix’s projects. “The industrial character of the KVL factory area makes it a robust location where the residential blocks fit in well.” According to De Bruine, the staggered nature of the De Gebroeders buildings makes them cleverly interwoven in their surroundings. And Picuskade radiates quality, according to De Bruine. “Great attention has been paid to details. And in all three projects we have also been able to realise a mid-range rent.” No surprises? De Bruine laughs: “Well one perhaps. In most cases artist’s impressions are better than the reality.  With Picuskade it was the other way round. The real-life project is stunning.”