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17 January 2023

As a design and engineering firm, we have the ambition to achieve a circular and inclusive construction practice. That is why diederendirrix and bureauEAU have joined Cirkelstad Eindhoven as of 2023.

Cirkelstad is a platform for any organization that wants to be informed about circular construction. The goal is to accelerate the transition to cities without waste. To achieve this, Cirkelstad is building an ecosystem of public and private parties to develop, unlock and share knowledge.

We see design (diederendirrix) and structural engineering (bureauEAU) as a two-unit. In new construction and redevelopment projects, we offer an integrated approach that leads to feasible sustainable solutions at an early stage. Our designs are timeless and open to dynamic use in the future. We create a responsible built environment through well-considered use of materials and energy-efficient construction methods.

The office in Eindhoven is our main location. The city will face a huge densification task in the coming years. We believe that we can help the city of Eindhoven to make the right choices for the future together with Cirkelstad. Participating in Cirkelstad is a logical next step in the development process for us.

We look forward to several inspiring meetings planned for this year with producers, consultants, developers, clients, builders, and designers: together we will close the circle!