Our way of working

Open Architecture Open Urban Development

We create architecture and urban development together. Together with users, construction partners and clients we think up solutions, create buildings and improve the city. Together we tell new stories in which we connect past, present and future.

We combine brainwork with vigour. We carefully design logical and significant environments. We leave room for people’s imagination. Our architecture and urban development solutions are open to change, to people’s own or different interpretations, and to interpretation of residents, users, visitors or passers-by.

We create solutions that are future-proof in the broadest sense. Meaningfully embedding in the existing context is a matter of course. By deliberate use of materials and energy-efficient construction methods we make a responsibly built environment. Our designs are timeless and flexible to use. Architecture and urban development are open to the future.

Working on buildings from the past teaches us a lot about the present and future. Society is moving. The only certainty is constant change. We are looking for initiative. The traditional role of the designer and the prevailing models in the design and construction industry are too restrictive. In today’s dynamic reality we see opportunities for a new way of designing and an innovative way of building.

Diederendirrix’s different areas of expertise:

  • Transformation
  • Living
  • Working & Studying
  • Meeting
  • Working together
  • Sustainability
  • Craftmanship
  • Urban development