Supermarkt in 't Karregat

Most beautiful supermarket in the Netherlands 2020!

13 November 2020

Supermarket Lidl in ‘t Karregat has been chosen as the most beautiful supermarket in the Netherlands 2020! The winning supermarket is located in ‘t Karregat, a building which is recently renovated by diederendirrix and architects|EN|EN.

The award is an initiative of professionals with supermarket and real estate backgrounds. Therefor the focus is not just the supermarket but especially the building itself. Because of the daylight which falls through the transparent facades and through the glass pyramids on the roof, the shopping isvery pleasant’ according to the jury. The jury is also ‘impressed by this form of sustainability, where the zeitgeist of the early seventies is fully integrated with the requirements of the supermarkets fifty years later. The building has been given a second life’.