Make it Anew

6 June 2018

Architecture builds upon history. Even the avant-gardist creed to ‘make it new’ still assumes a past. It is impossible to imagine novelty without an awareness of what existed before. In their transformation projects, diederendirrix retell stories of buildings and sites- by paraphrasing parts of the story, by recasting central actors, by making architecture speak in other words. By doing that, they make it anew.

In their transformation projects diederendirrix re-tell stories about buildings and locations. By paraphrasing parts of the story, by repositioning key factors and speaking about architecture using different words, they make it anew.

In the new publication Make it Anew, Paul Diederen and Bert Dirrix, together with Hans Ibelings, describe the work process of the bureau during the renovation, regeneration, restructuring and repurposing of existing buildings.

On Friday 1 June, during the festive book presentation, the first copy will be handed to Government Architect Floris Alkemade at Kazerne in Eindhoven.

‘Make it anew’, Hans Ibelings & diederenDirrix architects, The Architecture Observer, Montreal/Amsterdam. ISBN/EAN 978-94-92058-06-5.